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Instead of one large group where people may not feel comfortable taking a leadership role, we split you up into smaller groups. This is great for getting to know co-workers better, and allowing everyone to play a significant role in the experience. These smaller groups will be assigned a room to escape, and will work together to solve problems, discover clues, and crack codes in order to progress through the room as a unit. Teamwork and communication are critical to meeting goals, just as they are in the workplace.

The Escape Room USA games are challenging and very mentally stimulating. Each room has a theme with an immersive storyline, and only takes one hour to complete. Corporate groups have the opportunity to maximize efficiency in the workplace through our natural team building activity.


Players not only have fun in the heat of the game—there’s something very addictive about successfully finding a clue, or the adrenaline rush you get when you open a lock —but also afterward when you debrief with your teammates on the experience.

Organizations of all types enjoy escape rooms for their corporate outings. We can host team building events for companies large and small for an array of industries.

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