STALAG 21 | American P.O.W.




Warning: This adventure may contain an element of climbing or vertical movement.  If this presents an issue for a participant we would recommend another adventure.

ADVANCED LEVEL: This is our most challenging room, to even the most motivated group.  This room is very hard even for highly intelligent groups that work very well together.

SUCCESS RATE = Extreme difficulty, only about 5% of groups escape.

It is May of 1944, and you are Americans in a POW camp in central Germany. Your captivity began over two years ago when you and your B-17 Flying Fortress crew were shot down on a bombing run over Hamburg, Germany. Since then, you have been successful in making contact with the Allied Underground operating in the area of the camp. Your most reliable Underground agent has just contacted you with information from London about D-Day, the Allied invasion of France. The invasion is imminent and the Allies need vital information on the Nazi fortifications along the Atlantic coast. Allied intelligence has sent word that they believe the German High Command met in your camp earlier in the week to finalize their defensive plans for the Atlantic Wall. They are certain those plans have been placed in the camp Commandant’s safe, knowing the Allies would never bomb a POW camp. You have a small window of time in which to execute your mission. The Commandant has left the camp for Luftwaffe Headquarters in the neighboring town of Düsseldorf, but will return in 1 hour.

Your mission: Before the Commandant returns to camp, you must obtain Germany’s Atlantic Wall defensive plans and forward them to Allied headquarters in London. The success of the D-Day invasion lies with you. If caught in your mission, you will be handed over to the Gestapo for interrogation, torture, and certain death. Failure IS NOT an option!


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1. Plan to arrive about 30 minutes before your scheduled time slot. This will give us time to get you checked-in, collect your liability waivers, and explain the rules to you PLUS you will have plenty of time to relax in our lounge and have a drink before your session begins. PLEASE NOTE! If you arrive late for your session you can enter the room, but no additional time will be added to the clock. Your success depends on working effectively as a team. Don’t let your team down. DON’T BE LATE!!

2. Our venue is geared towards adults, but we do welcome children ages 10 and up with their families. Guests under 15 years of age must have a ticketed adult participate in the room with them.

3. Every booking is now a private adventure! The rooms do have a minimum and a maximum number of tickets available. Every person in a room ages 2 and must purchase a ticket to enter the escape room. Infants under 24 months of age are free of charge, but must be in a snuggly or carseat. No strollers permitted. If your group is larger than 12, you must contact us to arrange your visit.

4. All personal belongings should be kept with you and deposited in the designated container inside your room. Except in case of emergency, use of mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, recorders, and the consumption of food and drinks in the rooms are strictly prohibited.

5. Please use our props with care. If you cause damage to a prop, by aggressive or violent handling, you may be faced with extreme difficulties when the prop is to come to use later. Aggressive and violent handling of props is strictly prohibited.

6. For your own safety, please do not bring any dangerous items to our business. The possession of flammables, combustibles, and any other item management deems dangerous on premises is strictly prohibited.

7. Every participant must sign a waiver to play. To expedite your check-in, please have every member of your group sign waiver before arriving. (link to waiver included in your emailed receipt by clicking View Required Documents). Minors must have their parent or legal guardian sign the liability waiver for them. A chaperone cannot sign the waiver on their behalf.

8. You may exit and return to a room at any time, but only in case of emergency or urgency. If you exit the room during your session, we will not stop the clock. Once the clock starts, it will not stop for any reason. We urge customers to use the restroom prior to their session to avoid having to interrupt their session. Should you wish to exit a room, simply contact our staff with your walkie-talkie and you will be promptly let out.

9. Any violation of these rules shall be grounds for immediate termination of your session and removal from the premises.