Planning a spring break ‘staycation’ at The Escape Room

Planning a spring break ‘staycation’ at The Escape Room

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Many students throughout the area are in the middle of their spring break. If you don’t plan to leave town for spring break but still want to do something fun with the kids, there are plenty of things to do right here in Indianapolis.

Travel and Leisure has listed Indianapolis as one of 50 cities on the globe to visit in 2017.

The Escape Room in Indy is another option for family and friends wanting to get out and have some fun. It is ranked number one by Trip Advisor.

The way it works is a team gets locked in a room for 60 minutes. In that time frame they have to search for clues that lead to answers for how to get out of the room. The team only has an hour to find all the clues and escape the room.

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